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Songs with audio, video and/or lyrics (favorites are ***) 
Black Betty
Blackbird Get Up  ***
Bring A Little Water Sylvie
Bold Riley
Can't You Line 'Em (Trackalacka)   ***
CC Rider
Circle of the Sun
Chased Old Satan Through the Door   ***
Cornbread, Peas, Black Molasses   ***
Dada Mele
Diamond Joe  ***
Dip Pull Sway
Donkey Riding
Go Down Old Hannah
Go To Sleep Little Baby
God Speed the Plough
Gold Dust Fever
Good Lord (Run Old Jeremiah)
Gotta See It To Believe It
Grey Goose
Ham And Eggs
Hammer Ring
Hal an Tow  ***
Haul Away Joe  ***
Hollow Leg  ***
I Don't Do Nobody Nothin
I wish I wish My Baby Was Born
Join the Band
Lead Me To The Rock
Lightning Long John  ***
Look Down That Road
Martin Said to His Man  ***
Molasses Rum
Moses Moses Don't Get Lost
One More Day  ***
Quick Quick (Pick Off the Tick!)
Rambling In the New Mown Hay
Red River Blues
Reuben Ranzo  ***
Rosie in the Posie
Shorty George
Sheep Sheep Doncha Know The Road
Take This Hammer
This Train
Thousands or More
Tiny Bubbles  ***
Walking Boss
Walkin' Down the Line
Warm Them Pipes  ***
We All Need a Fruit  ***
Whoa Back Buck
Wind and Rain
Yomo Begga

Songs that I haven't gotten a page together for yet: Look for them on youtube.  If you find them there, please email me the link: bennett at worksongs dot org      - Thanks! BK

Achina / Teshie
Akwele Akuokuo
Altai Magtal
An Austrian Went Yodelling
Ao Jona / Kanye Nonyemono Beleoo
As I went Down to the River
Banhu Tulibugawa
Basaji Batale
Blow the Man Down
Boll Weevil
Boma Standasta
Boston Harbor
Can't Get to Heaven
Cheti Ikanipandika
Coma ahera
Dame Crane
Do Lord o Do Lord
Don't You Hear Po' Mother Callin'
Dona Nobis
Doney Gal
Dough Buys Beer
Down the Line
Dudu Mijaga
Durvun Uul
Durvuun Nastai Halyung
Fie Man Fie
Fields of Isle Au Haut
Freight Train
Froggie Went A Courtin
Gaya Mabele
Go to Sleep Little Baby
Goadje Nane
Grizzly Bear
Hamba Vangeli
Hammin on A Live Oak Log
Hard Times
Haul Away Joe
Have You Seen The Ghost of John
Help Out
Humors of Whiskey- Poetein me Boys
Hwelba Balinam Limnandi
I'll Fly Away
I Don't Want No
In Praise of Alcohol
In Some Lady's Garden
Isle Au Haut, Boys
Iyamemezi Insimbi
Iyamudia Maria
Jack O Diamonds
Jenga Jenga
Jenny Jenkins
John Hardy
John Henry
Keep your hand on the plough
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
King of the Road
Lazy John
Lightning Long John
Make Me A Pallett
Mary don't you weep
Mkanidosaga Baitimba
Molasses Rum
Mole in the Ground
Moto Wayaka
My Dame's Crane
Nalyaga Muchele
Natali Nutingikija Magungulu
Nayombe Natizikala nigogomi
Ng'wanakaselya Ihushi
Nkosi Sikelele
Noah Built the Ark
Nobody Knows You When
Northwest Passage
Nyanda Ng'wanamalia
Oh Good Ale
Oh Lord It's Hard to Be Humble
Okumobatsu Okumobayee / Harade
Old Man Will Your Dog Chase a Rabbit
One Bottle of Pop
Paradise Street
Pat Do This
Pick a Bale of Cotton
Pleasant and Delightful
Raglin Road
Red Rocking Chair
River Driving
Roll Me Over inthe Clover
Rollin Down to Old Maui
Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Salty Dog
Say Darlin Say
Scythe Boys Scythe
Shady Grove
Shallow Brown
Shenji Shigalu Nakalelele
Shoes and Leggings
Shortnin Bread
Sink 'Em Low
Siya Hamba
South Australia
Sylvie Tale
The Aardvark Song
The Blackfly Song
The Cow Went Out
Thina Songena ni Jambo
This little light of mine
Thousands or More
Tis A gift
Trouble In Mind
Tuchakule kikwete
Twanky Dillo
Twende Wote
Two Old Crows
Two Young Bretheren
Ulunan' Webuhlu
Uruma sipika
Walkin' Boss
Wangibuka Kanjane
Wangua Malunguja Teresa
Washika Nakunizila
We Been Working
We shall not be moved
Wee Dark Engine Room
When I first Came to This Land
Whiskey Johnny
Why Shouldn't My Goose
Working on a building
Worried Man Blues
Yucky Bugs