Good Lord (Run old Jeremiah)

By myself. (5)
You know I’ve got to go.
You got to run.
I’ve got to run.
You got to run.
By myself. (3)
I got a letter, (2)
Ol’ brownskin.
Tell you what she say.
“Leavin’ tomorrow,
Tell you goodbye.”
O my Lordy. (6)
Well, well, well. (2)
O my Lord. (2)
O my Lordy. (2 )
Well, well, well. (2 )
I’ve got a rock.
You got a rock.
Rock is death.
O my Lordy.
O my Lord.
Well, well, well.
Run here, Jeremiah. (2)
I must go
On my way. (4)
Who’s that ridin’ the chariot? (2)
Well, well, well . . .

(New Leader:)

One mornin’
Before the evening
Sun was goin’ down (3)
Behind them western hills. (3)
Old number 12
Comin’ down the track. (3)
See that black smoke.
See that old engineer.
See that engineer. (2)
Tol’ that old fireman
Ring his ol’ bell
With his hand.
Rung his engine bell. (2)
Well, well, well. (2 )
Jesus tell the man,
Say, I got your life
In My Hand;
I got your life
In My Hand. (2 )
Well, well, well.
0l’ fireman told,
Told that engineer,
Ring your black bell,
Ding, ding, ding,
Ding, ding, ding, ding.
0l’ fireman say
——?—- -
——?—- -
——?—- -
That mornin’,
Well, well, well, (2)
0l’ fireman say,
Well, well,
I’m gonna grab my
Old whistle too.
Wah, wah, ho,
Wah, wah, wah, wah, ho,
Wah, wah, ho,
Wah, wah, wah, ho. (etc.)
Soon, soon, soon,
Wah——— -o.
Well, well, well,
0l’ engineer,
I’ve got your life
In my hands. (2)
Tol’ your father, (2)
Well, well, well,
I was travellin’, (2)
I was ridin’ (3)
Over there. (2)
Ol’ engineer.
This is the chariot. (2)