Grey Goose

It was one sunday morning, Lord, Lord, Lord
The preacher went a-huntin’
Well, he carried along his shotgun
Well, along come a grey goose
Well, he throwed it to his shoulder,
An’ he ram his hammer’ way back
Well, he pulled on de trigger
The gun went a boo-loom
And down came the grey goose
He was six weeks a-fallin’
He was six weeks a-findin’
An’ he put him on de wagon,
An’he taken him to de white house
He was six weeks a-pickin’
Lordy, your wife an’my wife,
Oh, they give a feather pickin’
They was a six weeks a pickin’
An’ they put him on to boilin’,
He was six months a boilin’,
An’ they put him on de table,
An’ the knife wouldn’t cut him
Now, the fork wouldn’t stick him,
An’ they throwed him in the hog-pen,
An’ the hog couldn’t eat him,
An’ he broke de the hog’s teeth out,
An’ they taken him to de sawmill,
An the saw wouldn’t cut him
An’ he broke the saw’s teeth out
An’ the last time I seen him,
He was flyin’ across the ocean,
With a long string of goslin’s,
An’ they were all going quack quack
Well the hell with the grey goose