Gold Dust Fever

1) Your basic Gold Dust Fever: Recorded March 2013 while stacking wood with the Gawlers: Gold Dust Fever - standard lyrics

2) John Gawler's true-life Gold Dust Fever lyrics: Gold Dust Fever - Improv lyrics

3) Bennett's old band "Fireside" singing it in concert: Gold Dust Fever - concert version


There's a piece of my heart
In the Carolina Hills
Where the donkey pulls the cart
And my daddy keeps a still

Well I left my home
And my loving family
For to chase a trail of gold
To the territory

Because the gold dust fever lets you down
Puts you on your back and lays you in the ground
Your beat-up hands and the scrapin' of the pans
Makes you curse the day you left for the territory

Well it's been six long years
Since I left my home
And the barn where I was born
And the hickory loam

Well I'd head back tomorrow
If I could only find a way
I need a ticket on the railroad
And a nugget that will pay


Well I found that nugget
In a muddy mountain stream
And I sold it to the bankers
For a quarter and a dream

I got a pocket full of quarters
And a coat that's full of sand
And a ticket on the railroad
In my gold diggin' hands


Well I'm headed home tomorrow
Just before the break of day
And if I never see another gold pan
That'll be okay

I got a friend in Cinncinatti
And a girl in Santa Fe
But first I'm gonna see my baby
In San Francisco by the bay