YWW 13: Resources

Hi Worksongers! Instead of a song, this week I want to point out some info I've added to the site.

I Updated the list of traditions by country (Georgia the State to Georgia the Republic) Added a list of uses for songs (From pearl diving to river driving) Added a list of reasons to worksong (like drive off lonliness and critique the boss) Added a bunch of books and recordings to the source library Added a section called "spatial awareness and worksongs"

Here's the first part of that section... enjoy, and check it out the whole thing!

One of the biggest factors in making songs work in the field is the architecture of the space you're worksonging in. Here are some things to think about:

What are the noises around you? Are there trucks, airplanes, birds, tractors, irrigation? How do those sounds help/hinder your work and you music? Is it windy and will that carry the sound away from you? Is there a building / space you could do this work in that would make it sound better? Large open spaces take the sound and it floats away so you have to be louder. What time of day is it? (Sounds carry better in the morning when it is calm and more humid)

Hope this helps you think things through. I wrote this for the Sylvester Manor Worksongers Home Team as part of their weekly class in worksonging. Glad we could share it with you.

Question of the week: How could I make this email better? What would the perfect email have in it? I don't want it to be clutter... so if you have an idea, please let me know! -Bennett

PS. If you missed past weeks of Your Weekly Worksong, I've posted them here...

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