There is a small but growing crowd of worksongers out there leading songs and teaching and generally hollering out in the fields, barns and kitchens.   Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of some that I've met and worked with.  Many of these folks lead workshops and give performances... even if there's no work to be done.


Mia Bertelli - Santa Fe, NM and New England

Brian Dolphin - New York City & Shelter Island, NY
Sylvester Manor Alumni

Steve Shepsi Eaton - Shelter Island, NY
Sylvester Manor Alumni

Edith Gawler - Belfast, Maine & Shelter Island, NY
Duckabck Farm
Sylvester Manor Educational Farm

Max Godfrey - Georgia
Sylvester Manor Alumni
mgodfrey218 (at) gmail (dot) com

Creek Iversen - New Paltz, NY
Brook Farm Project
Sylvester Manor Alumni

Bennett Konesni - Belfast, Maine & Shelter Island, NY
Duckback Farm & Sylvester Manor Educational Farm
bennett (at) worksongs (dot) org

Nate Kraus-Malett - Conway, MA
Sylvester Manor Alumni



The Sylvester Manor Worksongers The residents and alumni from Sylvester Manor Educational Farm come together on farms and on stage to share and teach worksongs to whoever needs a holler. bkonesni (at) sylvestermanor (dot) org

Edith and Bennett Edith and Bennett bring worksongs to fields, concert halls, conferences, even TEDxFruitvale! edithandbennett (at) gmail (dot) com

The Gawler Family Need a hootin' hollerin' good time family band from Maine? These guys come packing fiddles, banjoes, and legendary smiles in tow. gawlerfamily (at) gmail (dot) com


Are you a worksonger?  Want to have your name on this list so farms can call on you to lead songs, or even just so the world can see you're out there worksonging?  Tell me a little about yourself, tell me how people can get in touch with you, and I'll add you to the list!  Send three sentances about yourself to bennett (at)