Pep Talk

You can be a worksonger. It just means letting go whatever fears you've got and erupting into a joyful noise. It doesn't need to be good. It doesn't need to be authentic. It just needs to be fun. And useful. And fun. That's it.

That's how it's always been with musical labor, people have just gone out there and started working and singing, trying to pass the time a little faster. It's about finding a way to transform the drudgery of repetitive physical labor into something a little closer to play.

When it clicks you end up somewhere between work and play: getting something done and having a damn good time doing it. Productive fun. Worksongs.

I've spent 20 years or so trying to figure out how this could happen on our farms and in our working lives without being ridiculous.  I can tell you now, it won't be right for everyone and everywhere.   But it will be right in lots of places for lots of people, and if you put all of those times together in the end it *will* be good, and real, and we'll have a hard time remembering when it wasn't just how things are.

So check out the songs on this site, learn 'em best you can, then get out there and start hollerin. Many many more people will end up smiling than frowning, I guarantee it.