A secular choir without auditions or dress code. Belting out old songs right where they were born: farms, forests, barns, boats, streets.

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Come join a new community chorus... with old roots and a new approach.

Some songs we learn and sing while being still- like any chorus- in what we're calling "All Sing" sessions. But this chorus is unique in that we also regularly visit farms, gardens and woodpiles - and sing there while we get simple projects done. In the fall, we will visit various community members and stack their wood or clean up their gardens.  In the summer we'll row and sing aboard a 10-oar rowboat. And in the fall we'll practice the art of jogging while singing.

Members of the chorus choose which activities they would like to do, from stationary to strenuous- there are sessions for everyone.

Photo courtesy  Dylan Ladds

Photo courtesy Dylan Ladds

Why join?

For you

  • Learn to find harmonies, volume, tone, and confidence in your voice!

  • Learn a certified bundle of cool songs.

  • It’s a low-stress, low-pressure way to sing more.

  • Variety: Sessions rotate between farms, barns, boats and the streets.

  • Get your own work done: all-in participants sign up to get a work crew at their place fall 2018 to stack wood or whatever other song-suitable project they’ve got.

For the World

  • Feel good about preserving and expanding worksong culture

  • Bring music back into public life

  • Help old timers and neighbors get their wood stacked

  • Knit community back together in a frayed world

We will film our best songs for an online archive that anyone can use to brush up on songs, and so that people all over the world can learn and be inspired by them too.

photo courtesy  Scott Pilutik

photo courtesy Scott Pilutik


The chorus is directed by farmer-musician Bennett Konesni, who brings 20 years of research, development and teaching worksongs from over a dozen countries.

Growing up on in midcoast Maine, today Bennett is recognized as a national leader in the exploration and development of traditional song. He has taught at Maine Fiddle Camp, Pinewoods Camp, Youth Trad Song, and at farms, conferences, workshops and festivals in America, Europe and Asia. Bennett is a Cultural Ambassador for the US Department of State, a TJ Watson Fellow, and TED presenter.

From time to time great song leaders from around the neighborhood and around the world will be guest instructors.


Chorus Attendance

Like any community choir, yoga class, or gym session, fees go to paying instructors, printing, and other overhead costs.

The way this works is that everyone in the chorus comes to the All Sing sessions, where I teach the songs that we’ll use out in the field, boat, and streets.

Chorus members then sign up to do the sessions that appeal to them. (Every month there are roundabout 7 or 8 sessions to choose from, plus or minus.)

Four of the sessions will be at my farm, Duckback Farm, and will free of charge.  You get free music and I get free help! 

Photo Courtesy  Anna Nowogrodzki

Photo Courtesy Anna Nowogrodzki

The Way to Pay

There are four options:

  1. Season Pass

  2. Seasonal Six Pack

  3. A la Carte

  4. Special Deal for Ages 20-35

1. Season Pass / Chorus Core:
This is the way most people will be a part of the chorus.
30 sessions @ $6 to $12 per session + 4 free sessions @ Duckback Farm
Suggested $180 to $360 - choose the amount that works for you based on how many sessions you think you’ll do and how generous you’re feeling.

  • Remember, the All Sing sessions are strongly recommended they are our regular gathering of the entire chorus.

  • Then come to whichever of the other sessions you like.
    (sign up for sessions at

  • First dibs on rowing seats in the boat

  • First dibs on getting to choose jogging routes

  • First dibs on having a session in the site of your choice in the fall, while dates last.

After you’ve signed up here, please pay by June 30 with a check or cash. In person at one of the sessions is fine.

Mail works, too.

Bennett Konesni
PO Box 37
Belfast, ME 04915

Email me with billing questions!


2. Seasonal six-pack:
For folks in town for a little while
6 sessions of your choice @ $12 per session: $72
Pay online after you’ve signed up here.


3. A la carte:
Dabblers: folks in town for the day, or just curious.
Bring a friend for a session (if there’s room!) $15
Sign up here.


4. Maine Residents age 20-35:
Whatever you afford can per month, paid through Patreon. Go to and sign up to be a supporter at whatever level makes sense.


If Money is a Challenge...
I want it not to be. I just want you to come sing.

(I do hope this turns into a sustainable way to make a living, so thank you to those who help me with that by deciding to pay with cash up front.)

BUT, if money feels like too much of a challenge for you:

1. Consider spreading it out over a 12-month payment plan. I’m happy to accomodate that through my worksong project patreon campaign.

  • Decide how much you are going to pay and divide that by 12.

  • Go onto and sign up to pay that much per month.

  • Email me to let me know:

2. I like to barter- make an offer. Particularly seeking farm equipment, manure, frozen meat, rice, pickled delicacies, cedar shingles, pine 1x planking. 

3. Maine residents age 20-35 sing for whatever they can afford per month. Please sign up on and donate via patreon as described above.

And remember, this is a sliding scale fee structure! Do what you can… but don’t overextend!

Photo courtesy Benjamin Foss

Photo courtesy Benjamin Foss