Welcome, Hearty
Bellower of Song

This site holds a collection of songs people have used, are using, or could use to aid labor.  It's maintained by me, Bennett Konesni, a farmer-musician from Maine. It's a kind of digital songbook.  You can use it to learn songs for use out in your fields, for academic research, or maybe just because you want to listen.

This site is a work in progress.  It's May 2016 and as we speak I am transferring the site from wordpress over to squarespace, and the process is a little glitchy.  Some of the links may not work perfectly, some of the pages may be formatted weirdly.  Thanks for bearing with me!

My long term goal is to have recordings, lyrics, history, usage tips and comments on each song.  But we're not quite there yet, so please, no beef on the fact that I haven't got all of the details about who sang what when up there yet... it's coming!

Check out my favorites. Or, jump right to the master list of songs.

Here's a little bit about me and why I'm doing this.  Here is a list of fellow worksongers. If you're trying to learn but having trouble, start with this, which is a pep-talk of sorts...

Anyway, have fun with it, and sing out!